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The German NFL needs your help!

By Beers
4/23/2021 6:34 am
Hi everybody,
we've got 4 teams available in the German NFL, which is currently right before the next Draft at this weekend.
The league is starting his 8th season.
Teams got the real logos, stadiums, etc. up to date.

Available teams are the Jets, Dolphins, Eagles and the Falcons.

The teams are in good shape, except the Eagles.
They don't have many draft picks at this time, so the task seems a little tougher.
A job for real professionals among you

It's a fun league, so if you prefer to be in a very active, competitive league, with fewer open teams, have a look and consider picking up one of the 4 open teams.

We also have rules to prevent the use of a couple of well known "exploits" (punt rush, WR/DB two ways, players way out of position).

Hope you will join us, cheers! Beers

Here is the link: