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Re: GSOP League looking for owners

By KDB72
12/14/2019 1:57 pm
I joined this league in hopes of assisting to help rebuild it back to it's quality status.
Now I am asking the same from you in return. I know there are some quality owners in this league that could take on one of these teams. Some teams are in good shape and some need work. 7 teams available. Do you have what it takes to become one of the best in GSOP?:

New York(A):https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/8" target="_blank"> https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/8

Dallas: https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/17

Michigan Gladiators: https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/25

Indianapolis: https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/16

Green Bay: https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/27

New Orleans:https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/30" target="_blank"> https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/30

Chicago: https://gsop.myfootballnow.com/team/28
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