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AFL rolling sims again... still need 9 owners

By billstein
5/27/2019 7:10 pm
First things first, Cjfred invited me to post here.

Here's the deal, the AFL was on it's way to folding, and I decided to save it. With the help of a few others, we've got the league back to 22 teams. We've just finished LFA, and getting ready to start a new season.
I know that's not an optimal time in the season to join, and to be honest, most of the teams left are in pretty dire financial straits. But that's why I need you.
I recently spent the time and credits to switch to each AI team, and try to improve those teams with contract renegotiations and cuts. It worked to some degree, but unless someone takes over these teams before the 1st preseason game, they will be gutted of their top player(s). The good news is, plenty of good talent will be available in the free agent pool.
Come show MFN how good an owner you really are. I need guys who take pride in building rosters.
If you've thought about rebuilding a team, but aren't sure... give it a shot anyway. We've got some good guys (gals? IDK..) in the league, who are sure to help if you need ideas.