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Hammers Camp

By ArmoredGiraffe
2/28/2023 11:00 am
2045 Hammers Camp

Without our 1st or 3rd round pick we managed to nab a couple players who should make the roster. Slightly salty I went with James Bundy instead of Alvin Knight but you can't always pick em right. And after that Paydirt draft I will take anything.

2.27 WR James Bundy +9/+2 low vol guy who boomed but should be a quality contributor to a team that really needed him. Good array of stats that should see him moved all over formations to make plays.

4.27 OL Duane Campbell +1/-9 A swing at quality OL/C depth and a miss. Certainly should not be on anyone's roster.

5.27 OL Arnold Yates +5/+3 Lower vol than we would have liked around this area but hopefully should boom a little bit more to meet our minimum pass blocking and be a solid backup.

6.27 OL Charles Simmons +10/+9 Our biggest boom but unfortunately his pass blocking is fairly low right now. Likely will be given a few seasons to develop but should not expect to compete for any playing time anywhere but LG

7.27 WR Matthew Troup +0/-10 Big swing on a guy I was very surprised to see this late in the draft given his vol and speed. Ends up being an auto cut but could have fought for a roster spot with a boom.