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Why Blue Rock, Ohio?

By raidergreg69
7/25/2019 7:03 pm
I have been asked this question many times so here's the answer.

We were content to stay in Cincinnati but we were looking for a better stadium deal. The city of Cincinnati learned their lesson when the Bengals fleeced them to build Paul Brown Stadium so they played hardball with us.

In the middle of negotiations, our lawyers (the best ones Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill have btw) were contacted by a mysterious individual only known as B.D. This B.D. fellow offered us a sweetheart deal to move to his resort town with the only stipulation being our team name, the Blue Rock Heisenbergs.

Blue Rock a resort town? WTF dude? Well it turns out this B.D. fellow is planning on following in Las Vegas's footsteps by creating a monstrosity of a city from nothing. The area is already called Blue Rock so he is planning on a whole Breaking Bad themed city. Word is he is going to have a "Cooking Adventure" where your RV won't start and you're faced with the possibility of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing but meth supplies. I guess there are other "adventures" planned as well that tie into the show.

I guess B.D. is either unaware they already do this in Albuquerque or he doesn't care and I have no idea how he is allowed to have our stadium named Los Pollos Hermanos. Either the real Breaking Bad people screwed up their copyright or B.D. is a shyster.

My gut tells me B.D. is a snake oil salesman, but what do I know, I just run football teams. The important thing is my lawyers say the team is covered in the event this whole concept town crashes like Walter White's life after he started messing with meth.

Stay tuned as I'm sure this isn't the end of the story.