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Oak Island Treasure - formerly LAA

By TheAdmiral
7/17/2019 6:35 pm
After a pretty good run in LA, the new owners have decided to upsticks and move lock, stock and barrel to Nova Scotia, specifically Oak Island and become

Oak Island Treasure

The TenEx Money Pit will play host to games for the Treasure and we hope to see an upsurge in fortune. The hope is to get back to being a perennial playoff team, finally bring a divisional title to the franchise and ultimately Conference titles and QD Bowls. Following a disastrous final season in LA (0-16) that may seem like a pipe dream for now. With such lofty long term ambitions, our primary goal is to win a game and to be the #1 Canadian team in the division - Yes Vancouver we have an eye on you.

In the meantime, our priority is the draft and free agency. The Islanders are keenly discussing who will be the #1 pick and first off the board for the Treasure