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Standings Glitch???

By raidergreg69
9/03/2021 12:03 am
I think we may have 2 instances of the dreaded standings glitch.

Duluth vs Mayfield

If Heisenbergs beat Duluth (with their backups because they are locked into #3 or 4 seed) and Mayfield win their game, they are both tied at 13-3. They split, have the same division record and would have the same conference record if Duluth loses.

Is conference even before common games in MFN??? For NFL, common games is first and that's a tie in this case. What's next??? Idrk but I think it's net points.

Might be much ado about nothing because net points favor Duluth, plus they probably beat my Heisenbergs anyway. Apologies to Mayfield, but the only thing we have to play for is our health.

BTW Birmingham is in as a wildcard because they beat Chesapeake bay head to head


Common games or conference record order could be proven in the NC North

Chicken Wing vs Green Bay

If Chicken Wing lose and Green Bay wins, they are both 8-8. Chicago can also be 8-8 but they lose tiebreakers, so they are in fact out. They were swept by both Chicken Wing and Green Bay, which eliminates them in every scenario possible.

If both are 8-8, they split and have same division record. Green bay would win conference record 7-5 to 6-6, but lose common games tiebreaker.

For common games, they are division mates, so 14/16 games are the same. Just take away the 2 uncommon games, which CW played Albany/Tampa Bay while GB played Philly and have a Week 16 game against Hollywood, which in this scenario is a Green bay win.

Green Bay also beat Philly so take 2 wins away from 8-8 and they were 6-8 in common games. Chicken Wing beat Tampa Bay but lost to Albany so we take away 1 win and 1 loss from 8-8, making them 7-7 in the common games.

Re: Standings Glitch???

By IoanBlood
9/03/2021 1:27 am
For Duluth and Mayfield the solution might be the overall PA-PF difference, as direct matches were 1-1 and 58-58.

Re: Standings Glitch???

By raidergreg69
9/03/2021 1:45 am
IoanBlood wrote:
For Duluth and Mayfield the solution might be the overall PA-PF difference, as direct matches were 1-1 and 58-58.

Yeah, that's what I meant by net points. That's the reason JDB once gave me when I thought I was mistakenly in the playoffs in the World League. I really wish we had a definitive list of MFN tiebreakers, as they aren't exactly like NFL.