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2030 new rules

By Cjfred68 - League Admin
6/29/2020 1:41 pm
I'm currently going over data from my leagues and the USFL and I will making a rule about playing linebacker on the defensive line.

Linebackers will be able to play defensive line but must meet a weight requirement of 265 pounds. This still allows linebackers with speeds up to 84-85 play the line without the undersized linebackers playing primarily on the line of scrimmage and creating havoc in the game.

Setherick has shown what a 237 pound 89 speed 89 acceleration linebacker is capable of when playing an entire game at defensive end. He currently sits at 70 sacks through roughly 10 games using the 46 Heavy 2 man under 30-40 times a game.

Others have copied him using true defensive linemen and slower linebackers had no where near the success. The weight limit prevents what I perceive to be a broken play from being exploited via overrides.

This decision is being made in all my leagues at the start of the new season and isn't up for debate.

My aim as always is to limit the use of a clearly broken play via overrides which swings the balance and integrity of the game away from any semblance of reality. Anyone that would argue that 70 sacks in 10 games or 41 punt blocks in a season is a fair representation of football, real or simulated, has lost touch with the intent and true final direction of this game.

Anyone opposed to this decision is free to leave the league of course...there are plenty of leagues to play in where you are free to do what you want. My leagues were created to simulate football and have everyone compete in a reality based football sim.

Thanks CJ

Re: 2030 new rules

By Cjfred68 - League Admin
6/29/2020 2:16 pm

Final rule

A linebacker must weigh a minimum of 255 pounds to play defensive end or if under the weight limit have a speed no greater than 80.