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Players that make you go hmmm...

By RedNU
6/24/2020 7:19 pm
So after missing rounds 5-7 today, I was checking to see who the AI drafted for me. One of its picks is a WR with a pass catch rating of 6 (potential max of 22)...BUT...his kick catch rating is an insane 96. Hrmmm...

Theories on how a kid can catch a pass with all the skills of a brick wall but look silky smooth hauling in punts and kickoffs now accepted...

Re: Players that make you go hmmm...

By raidergreg69
6/25/2020 2:40 am
Probably time and the 3 foot rule. When running routes and he's covered, he can't catch a cold. Put him in space with time to gauge the ball and he's fine, though I think I'd coach my special teams gunners to scream something at him as the ball arrived, hoping for a muff.

Re: Players that make you go hmmm...

By Cjfred68 - League Admin
6/25/2020 12:07 pm
Pass catching isn't really that important when it comes to actually catching passes....especially at RB....Ive had 11 pass catching RBs with career stats of:

323 catches
70.2 reception%

While a 100 pass catch WR had

355 catches
70.3 reception%

I think pass catching becomes more important during medium and even more for long....but let's face it the majority of successful passes come from the short passing in this version.