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My other lesgues

By Cjfred68 - League Admin
10/14/2019 9:07 pm
I currently run 5 leagues as league admin. If you are enjoying being part of this league, consider joining one of my other leagues.

Each league is slightly different but all have extra content, are full of great owners ame most of all fun & competitive.


My oldest league, entering season 9 with plenty of stats and info in the forums.


The Quick and the Dead

Also about to enter season 9, a fun league with rankings where you are either "Quick" "and" or "Dead".


The World Football League

In its 3rd season, forget representing a city, represent a country with flags for logos and team colors to match. Become one of the Continental Champions to have a shot at a true World Chamoionship. Weekly inclusive power rankings drive the league as being #1 means almost as much as being Champion.


Monsters of the Midway

About to start season 2, this fun league takes the Monsters of the Midway theme to a new level as each team is named after famous monsters, creatures and spirits. Compete to play in the playoffs with the rounds called "The Purge" "Blood Bath" " Conference Execution" and the "Armageddon Bowl".


The Champions League

Entering season 3, this league is exclusive to owners that have won at least 1 league title in a current active league. We track titles for every owner in the "owners standings" and your titles won number is put on the team logo image for each owner. Wanna test your meddle against the best of the best and become a champion of champions?