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2024 Draft

By Cjfred68 - League Admin
5/20/2019 12:18 pm
As we get close to the draft, I took a look at the draft class and wow it seems awful thin to me. I see exactly 1 player with a potential over 90 and it drops quickly. I think by the end of the 1st round, only sub 80 potential players will be left.

Ive been in a ton of drafts and usually the end of the first has possibly a lineman over 90 or at the very least high 80s potential left as they drop in the draft.

Anyone else see this draft class as thin?

Re: 2024 Draft

By trslick
5/20/2019 5:04 pm
I agree Cj, hope you don't need a QB!

Re: 2024 Draft

By TimReeseJr
5/21/2019 5:47 am
I was thinking the same, especially at QB...this is going to be a dive in and find the hidden gems kinda draft.

Re: 2024 Draft

By Scarface132
5/22/2019 5:13 pm
My picks for this draft are available. I am looking for cheaper players who can help my depth ie under a million. The cpu offered some interesting contracts im fa. Up to and including some players who may or will retire and affect my cap with penalties.